Welcome to NC Business Law Blog

Welcome to the McGuire, Wood & Bissette, PA business blog that I am authoring. Those whom I have represented for the Firm on legal matters in the past know that I have a business practice which focuses on commercial transactions. Over the years there are times when certain areas of commercial practice are “hot”, and certain times when those same areas are not so. Our Firm strategically positions itself such that it might be on the leading edge of hot topic areas, and I hope to bring to readers information on those areas as they change and develop. At times I may be bringing to you some things to consider about real estate development in North Carolina, such as condominium and planned community development or property owner association issues. At others, I might discuss the benefits of different types of projects you might consider based on economic considerations (such as the recent rise in interest in the area of HUD guaranteed apartment development, as opposed to condominium). You will also likely read about particular considerations or concerns in the raising of private monies from investors in private placements, especially as there is more and more of an interest is these types of financing plans as traditional commercial lending continues to be an extremely difficult proposition for many businesses. What we hope to do here is to give our readers some valuable information to consider. If you have any feedback, or if you would like to make any inquiry, feel free at anytime to send an inquiry directly from the blog. I promise to return it in a timely fashion. I hope you enjoy this page , and will return again and again.


Tom Grella