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Commercial Real Estate Lending

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Where has all the money gone?

For me, until very recently, law practice was very heavily about the financing and closing of large business and commercial real estate transactions.  My time remains occupied by legal matters, but truly over the past year the flavor has changed.  More folks are talking about HUD loans when it comes to multi-family projects.  Other folks are coming in to discuss the raising of capital from private investors in various forms of the private placement of securities.  Many commercial clients are taking a wait and see approach to the economy, and all of seem to be listening to the media,  shaking their heads and asking: where has all the money gone?

This week I direct  you to a very informative article written by the leaders of RedFish Advisors, an Asheville, North Carolina real estate investment advisory group.  I found it a very interesting perspective on a topic that I know something about, but certainly not enough.

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Tom Grella